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I am making a living out of writing blogs. If you would like to show your support, here are the ways you can help me:

1) Visit my blog often
I cannot stress this enough but I do need you to keep visit my Blog, but only if you find my posts interesting! Normally I have at least 1 post a day. I just write what comes to my mind!

2)Visit my links
Often I put links on my posts. These are often informative links. Some of the links do contain stuff that are related to my posts and you may find them interesting. 

3) PayPal
I have set up this PayPal account so that you can show your support directly to me.

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I have advertisements on my blog. Though I cannot control what appears but they help me maintain my site!

5) Spread the word
If you find my posts interesting, do share with your friends :)

6) Comments
When you leave me a comment, you let me know what you think. And this is important to me because I am not writing just for the sake of writing. I want to know if you like what I wrote too!

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