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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Philips Sale 2010 - Garment Steamer GC520: How to use and the effects

Today I wanted to post the pictures of how my new garment steamer works.

It was really difficult to take video and hence I succumb to pictures instead. You just cannot steam and hold the camera! As easy to take as it is to take pictures or videos, it is simply too tough to use my S602Z 

Here is my 800 ml of water. I did not get 1,000ml as I was afraid it will spill.


I checked the water release outlet first just to ensure I know how to open it. I thought I had to press it down to get it to move but after reading the instruction, turned out I have to turn it in an anti-clockwise direction to get it to be released. Why don't they put the directional arrows on the part?


As you can see, the stopper can be pulled out. But only just that, you cannot un-hook it from the steamer itself.

Then I turned it back.


I tried to take pictures of the steam effect, with the big and small steam setting. But it did not come out well. Actually you can really see the effect in person but not in the pictures.

These pictures are with the big steam setting:


And then I adjusted to the small steam setting and you can barely see the steam. But as you can see, the steam cord was not really straight. But at the sales yesterday it was really strong!


Then I started ironing at 12.51pm after turning back to the srong setting.

The steamer actually took less than the 2 minutes it said it will get to start steaming.

And the Glove that came with it really proved useful. Please get this instead of the GC510. 

Anyway, I was trying to pour water into it and then as you can see, the clothes were steamed.

What I found was that cotton material gets the best effect and if you have clothes that are not cotton, well, please don't get this!

The clothes are also not done perfectly maybe because I don't have the skill or it could be that the amount of water did not meet the minimum requirement. The 800 ml of water that I poured in, lasted for only like thoat 15minutes. I started at 12.51pm and finished at 1.14pm.

These are the Before effects...
A white cotton skirt, and my gray polyester dress.

A zoomed out view.

The clothes were quite okay after the steaming but I feel have the same effect when I just hang my clothes straight out of the dryer. But it does wonderfully well with the cotton top (printed beige top) and also the brown silk top. Other than that, the polyester-cotton mix was still quite crumbled. 

This is the Before effect

And after steaming half of the shirt, you can see the obvious difference.

This is the brown silk top I was talking about.

And you can see the effect on the white skirt wasn't really good too. Still can see a few crease though when I wear it, it won't be obvious.

The whole effect was rather tiring actually because in order to get the full steam effect, you need to let the steam cord remain straight. I am not used to raising my arms and it was really tiring.

As for the gray dress, because it is made of polyester, the effect isn't that great. 
You can see still the crease or maybe it was my technique. In the end, I still use a normal ironing board (but with another Philips Steam Iron) to finish the job.

The handle also gets abit hot and if you are not used to cooking, I would say that it is not comfortable to hold. But the size is okay.

The setup does not have any racks and fortunately I have my horizontal bar and this is really a must-have. If you do not have the bar, I suggest not getting one. Because you do need to move the clothes (eg: pull it straight) when holding the steamer. It is a 2 hands job. If the clothes are not mobile (meaning you cannot turn the clothes) then it will get very awkward to steam.

As an experienced ironing board user, I would say it take sometime to steam your clothes. I had spent like the first 10minutes learning how to use it to a good effect. Initially I was moving the steamer too fast and later I realized that you should do it slowly to get the fabric warmed by the steam. So, yes, steaming fabrics is faster than ironing but only for cotton materials. And yes, you get to train your arm muscles too. And not to forget, it is not as tiring as board ironing as you really don’t sweat! It is not hot at all!

As you can see, the temperature remains throughout at 29.5 degree Celsius. So there isn't much heat generated. though the clock was placed next to it. It is really thoroughly insulated!


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Darling No 2 - Naughty Side

As I was preparing to take the pictures for the garment steamer I took a few photos of Darling No 2.

He had to go onto my bed! Just look at him...

There he is, lying among my clothes!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Philips Sale 2010 - Garment Steamer GC520

This is another item I got at the sale today. (besides the SuperSalon Stylist, read my blog here). There were actually 2 models - 510 and 520 (green and blue). I got the blue one because it had more things for a difference of $20 - a glove, steam output control and, a better color! ;p

This thing costs $130 (a gift from my Darling No 1). No, I did not ask him to get me a household appliance (yes, I admit this is a dreadful thing, before we are married!) But I feel it is a good buy. My reasons:

1) I don't have to spend time pulling in and folding back the ironing board
2) I won't need to use the iron now. Oh the iron I am having, is actually also a Philips product and yes, it is a steam iron. Just don't ask me why am I into steam and irons ;p
3) I love blue
4) Jokes aside, I love blue ;p
5) I think it is important to iron with the minimum effort and get a good enough result.
6) I don't need my clothes to be so perfect that it doesn't have crease
7) I appreciate minimum effort with significant result
8) it is a sale, for goodness sake!
9) I've always wanted to get a steamer
10) Yes, I have the horizonal poles in my room which makes it just ideal to get this steamer :)

There you have it (my reasons) and let's see what it looks like.



As you can see, the benefits are:

1) Quick crease removal
2) Customize steam level for different garments
3) Easy to use
4) Safe on all garments
5) Maximum safety (glove given for protection)
6) Continuous steaming for up to 30 mins
7) Easy steamer head holder
8) Maximum safety
9) Suitable for tap water

The instruction for using are also relatively simple.

1) add water and check the maximum water level
2) hook up the head
3) plug in
4) press power button
5) wait for 2mins
6) ensure the pipe is straight and not curled or obstructed.
7) use glove to pull the fabric where necessary and do not put the steamer too near to the fabric
8) power down when ironing is complete
9) unplug from the socket
10) turn the latch to release the remaining water and pour out the remaining water
11) keep the head in a anti-clockwise direction
12)  keep the power cords in a anti-clockwise direction

And here are the un-packing pictures:

As you can see, the whole appliance is wrapped in plastic and it took like a pair of scissors and 2minutes to un-wrap.

A close up on the glove and the water container that is also given inside. The head holder is really good! Also in the picture is the pink and black dog house that I wanted to get for Darling No 3 (also paid by Darling No 1 ;p)

And Darling No 2 got so bored that he just slept in his bed (Darling No 1 chose this for his 2010 birthday present :) )

And actually Darling No 3 was sleeping under my table and she saw that I took photo for Darling No 2 and she begin to walk about and sniff at the steamer. I got her to lie down next to the steamer to compare the size! Yes, they are almost the same size!

And this is the steamer with me play-acting - adding the water.

Well, will post pictures tomorrow :)

This is the link to see the effects of the garment steamer and you may want to See the video here.

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Philips Sale 2010 - SalonSuper Stylist HP4698

Went to the Philips Sale 2010 today.

It is the first day and wow, the crowd is there like ever!

Darling No 1 wanted to get a trimmer but he did not see the model he wanted.
And me? I did not intend to get anything but got myself a hair styling thing plus a garment steamer! Well, I have been wanting to get all these but just did not have the courage and with my Darling No 1's persuasion, I went ahead. He is a bad companion who just encourages you to get anything you desire!

Do not go shopping with him! ;p

Anyway here are the pictures when I un-wrapped my presents (yes, he got them for me, thanks dear!)

The styler costs only $50 (discount of $25)

The box for you:



As you can see, there are 5 main styles:  Straight, ringlets, big curls, natural wavy and crimped.

It even comes with 2 types of clips, a pouch and a comb!

And not to miss this out:

Made in China
100 - 240V
50/60 Hz

The box contains this: instruction for using the thing and the warranty guide, plus the pouch.

The items were packed neatly like this, in the exact order.

And the instruction menus:


That is it!

I shall post more when I start to use it!

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