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Friday, July 2, 2010

FishVille - Deep Sea Angler

WOW! Expensive fish! I bought the new fish and my!

I just bought it with out checking the stats! and after a few clicks, it seems that  I run out of money!

I had only $5,945 coins left! 

Then I went to see the stats, and it says that:

Deep Sea Angler
Grows in: 18 Hours
Sells For: 8,000
XP Gained: 1,600

 Can you imagine! $500,000!

Then of course, I got this SpendVille Diamond Trophy for spending $11,482,000 total coins in the store! Reward: 1 Sand Dollar...

Of course there is the usual Fish Love... $4,036 FishVille Coins and 1 Heart!

The fun of it all... hope this fish looks cute! *shake head* I rather don't have the XP... *faint*

I sold off the Deep Sea Angler when it was at Age 6. Read about it here.

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  1. how much coins you earn for that deep sea angler ??pls tell me i want to buy it one but im not sure about earn :DD

  2. Hi Aaron

    My post on the rewards for selling the Deep Sea Angler is here

    It is a whopping $32,000 Coins and 6,400 XP for the $500,000 I paid ;p

  3. That's great! I have saved all my fish clone magic in order to clone this fish when I buy it.

  4. my (2nd batch)fishes all died because I did not log in for 1 week :(
    yeah, it is an idea to use the fish clone on them, since I have so many! Thanks!


thQnk :)


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