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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FishVille - Fish Mastery : Cloudy Damsel vs Indigo Hamlet

Just to add to my previous post, the Hamlet Family gives the better XP and Cash Bonus.

But if you want to go for a 24hour fish (like I will be doing now since I don't have the luxury of time), I suggest that you go for the Cloudy Damsel instead. The rewards was unexpectedly higher and I am glad I complete all the Fish Mastery.

This is the Rank 4 for the Damselfish Family

This is the Rank 4 for the Hamlet Family

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  1. Which Fish to Clone? Maroon Clown!

    It occurs to me that in deciding which fish to clone, the cost of the fish is not relevant once you already have one. So I’ve done a profit analysis leaving cost out of the equation. I found to my surprise that there is a clear winner. Maroon Clown is far and away the best fish to clone, winning you 50 coins and 63 XP per hour. I have read on FishVille discussion pages that a good fish to clone is Kole Tang. This is not, however, true at lower levels. At Level 37, Kole Tang won me a mere 19.1 coins and 9.77 XP per hour.
    Highest scorers are (in order. See tables below):
    Coins per hr per clone
    1. Maroon Clown 50
    2. Giant Shimpgoby 39.58
    3. Flagtail Shrimpgoby 39.4
    4. Murphy Cardinal 37.3
    5. Neon Black Damsel 36.8
    6. Blue Assessor 33.61
    XP per hr per clone
    1. Maroon Clown 63
    2. Neon Black Damsel 43.88
    3. Flagtail Shrimpgoby 43.3
    4. Murphy Cardinal 40.83
    5. Blue Assessor 37.25
    6. Blackfoot Lionfish 35

    The best strategy seems to be: At beginning levels, buy and sell Mini Dart Gobies (150 coins 50 XP per hour) at age 1 and hoard Clone Magic until you have 4 sand dollars. Then buy a Maroon Clown and clone away while you buy fish and expand your tanks. Hoard or sell Kole Tang until a much higher level (I haven’t reached yet). Sell Mastery fish at age 1; investment fish (ones that cost sand dollars) at age 4. Clone before selling.
    *Profit per hour per clone
    Mini Dart Goby^ 150
    Barlett Anthias^ 50
    Blue Hippo Tang^ 39.58
    Hawaiian Hogfish^ 39.4
    Scooter Blenny^ 38.7
    Prawn Goby^# 37.3
    Blue Spot Grouper^ 36.8
    Dwarf Angelfish^ 33.61
    Moorish Idol# 31.25
    Cardinal 30.4
    Blackfoot Lionfish 28.8
    Blue Assessor 24
    Sunshine Chromis 22.8
    White-faced Surgeon 20.8
    Blue Boxfish 19.2
    Yellow Boxfish~ 18.75
    Racoon Butterfly# 18.75
    Blackcap Baslett 16.67
    Purple Firefish 12.5
    Neon Black Damsel 10.42
    Maroon Clown# 10.42
    Murphy Cardinal# 10
    Annularis Angelfish# 9.61
    Flagtail Shrimpgoby#~ 9.21
    Wheelers Shrimpgoby 8.3
    Big Eye Soldierfish# 8.3
    Giant Shrimpgoby 7.6
    *XP per hour per clone
    Maroon Clown# 63
    Mini Dart Goby^ 50
    Neon Black Damsel 43.88
    Flagtail Shrimpgoby#~ 43.3
    Murphy Cardinal# 40.83
    Blue Assessor 37.25
    Blackfoot Lionfish 35
    Purple Firefish 30.75
    Giant Shrimpgoby#~ 24.48
    Moorish Idol# 23.5
    Cardinal 23.25
    Barlett Anthias^ 21.3
    Blackcap Baslett 17.7
    Wheelers Shrimpgoby#~ 17.5
    Blue Hippo Tang^ 13
    Hawaiian Hogfish^ 12.75
    Sunshine Chromis 12.5
    White-faced Surgeon 12.5
    Blue Boxfish 12.5
    Yellow Boxfish~ 12.08
    Prawn Goby^# 11.04
    Scooter Blenny^ 10.88
    Blue Spot Grouper^ 8.4
    Racoon Butterfly# 8.3
    Big Eye Soldierfish# 8.3
    Dwarf Angelfish^ 5
    Annularis Angelfish# 4.17

    ^coin-bought. Included for comparison
    *doesn't include cost
    #can/must be obtained as prize or gift
    ~must/may be asked for
    Yours sincerely,
    FishVille addict
    Susie Helme

    PS. If you like my research and find my strategy makes you fish-rich, and you are a daily player AND you like receiving and giving gifts, come be my ‘neighbor’.


thQnk :)


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