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Saturday, April 17, 2010

FarmVille - Nursery Barn Building Completed

Thank you dear FarmVille Farmers for helping me complete my Nursing Barn!

I went to take a Look Inside

And it was empty! Of course it is!

When I clicked on How Does This Work? It tells me:

Raise your baby foals and baby calves in this Nursery Barn! You can get foals and calves of all different types when your friends harvest from their Horse Stable or Dairy Farm.
But I am not too sure how this works...
So it literally means that I am getting nothing out of it! Only that I can raise my foals and calves. I hope they do not grow up! 
And how does this relate to me being able to harvest from my friend's Horse Stable or Dairy Farm? I already can get it from their walls... Just don't make sense to me...

Anyway I have put these inside, just to see how it works out (in case they do grow up)

By the way, I tried to put my lamb in the Nursery Barn but it just wouldn't go in ;p

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  1. do you know why i can't put foals in my nursery? it is not at capacity.

  2. Hi Anon

    FarmVille has changed the game since Sept 2011, so certain type of foals aren't available for the nursery. You may want to write to FarmVille and check out your question.


thQnk :)


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