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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Darling No 1 knew I wasn't feeling too good and gave me something nice!

He didn't buy it but he gave me anyway!

Wow! I thought it was just a chocolate cake but the texture was really nice! And it is sweet with a bit of the dark chocolate bitterness that I love so much! It really turned my mood!

Too bad I couldn't share with Darling No 2 or Darling No 3. And it is all for me *grins*

It came in a microwavable box for easy reheat.

And once I opened it, you can see the glistering chocolate just waiting to melt in your mouth!
When I lifted the cover, Darling No 2 came running to me! and he never does that except for really nice food!
But I have never fed him chocolate before, so imagine that, he knows!

And this is after a few bites. I just couldn't stop at one!
And it motivated me to blog about it! haha

It is really a mood enhancer... Girls, go for it! and Guys, this is something you have to get for your girl friends :)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Images not loading - many sites - Chrome - Google Chrome Help

Images not loading - many sites - Chrome - Google Chrome Help

This website really helped me soft my problem with errors seeing pictures.

I just typed "why i cannot see image in chrome" in google search and came to this website. and yes I can see the pictures immediately after re-installing Java. No restart needed for my Win 7!

So if you have the same problem as me, please just go re-install your java. Now I am using Version 6.
You can download Java from this link here.

or just do your searches here

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dog Walk - 26 March 2011

Took these pictures when my parents were on their Hong Kong trip.

Had 2 peaceful weeks to myself (amid my younger brother around the house).
My elder brother went for a "holiday" too; national service or what they call "reservist". He was confined (yes that is the word) to a restricted area and couldn't come home to eat the tasty Sharkfin Chicken Soup I cooked on the first Monday of that Freedom Week ;p

Well these were taken on 26 March, a delightful Saturday. After the walk.

Me and Darling No 2.

I took quite a few takes of us at my door, trying to get the perfect picture.

And now, some of the flowers my daddy has been nurturing. He is good! I wish I have his green hands but plants just wither when I am around.

His orchid. Brought back home by mummy.


These are I think some other tropical plants. Not sure what are their names.

This one is definitely African Violet. The same type that used to grow in my Kampung home in Chua Chu Kang. Number 202 too. Add me on Facebook if u were my neighbor before :)

I remember I had some younger kids who were from the nearby coffeeshop. I miss my childhood! Those were the days, indeed.

Erm, another angle of the orchid.

And more of the tropical flower.

My favorite Bitch, ops, Darling No 3.


And my Darling No 2 who keeps me company every night (well, nearly). He is a darling!

The 2 loves of my life. Now.

A tribute to the fish tank that my daddy maintains outside my front door. Don't know where he get this. It keeps the MP reminded of my dad! He is always so proud when he relates to friends (and family) when the MP told him, oh I remember your tank! ;p


These are the decorations on the top tank.

My corridor. A delight to go out everyday to be greeted by beautiful plants. And I love the bamboo!

And my gate.

Taking these in case I am moving out. Hopefully soon. More news soon!

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FrontierVille - Third Day of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas (2010)

Completed Reward:

1 Fruit Cake
3 Chickens
3000 Coins.

That chicken soup sure was tasty. Say. Know what goes real good with chicken soup?

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good news

I want to share a piece of good news.

Yesterday I was cleared with good health by 2 doctors.

Guessed the $28 bucks I paid was worthwhile, as I got 15mins of unwavering attention of 2 specialist doctors. The amount of waiting time and my travelling time to the specialist centre did make me feel that I should just cancel the appointment.

But since I got the clearance, I was really quite happy. It was really a joyful day.

I even manage to squeeze in several errands like a facial, trip to a shop selling household  appliances (and learnt how to choose a WC), got the fish food my dad asked me for, a week ago, and enough groceries to last me a week, cleaned the house, bathed my Darlings (No 2&3 but of course) and had a relaxing bath myself.

All in a day's work.
I am fortunate indeed.


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