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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Liese Hair Dye

Thought to share my hair dye process with you...

I used the Liese Bubble Hair Color (Sweet Pink) on Saturday evening. It was great!

Decided to do my hair myself as I had a good experience in Dec 09.

That was when me and my 2 other good friend WL and OG dyed our hair together! The same color no less!

It was a memorable evening. We rented a hotel room, actually there were 4 of ours. Another friend, YH did not joined our craze vision of us all having wrapped towels on our head.

Anyway, I decided to do it myself again and it was great! The color went on well and here are some pictures for you.

I definitely recommend this product for first-timer or if you are serious about getting some effect with the least amount of money.

I used to go to salons to do my hair but I think it is time I take my color styling into my own hands.

First of course, I got myself a box of the hair dye. Actually any color goes well, for Liese. Just that I love the name Sweet Pink and the color too.

Then I got my Darling No 3 to pose beside the box. See, the box is no taller than half of her height! She is short!

There are 2 bottles and you got to mix it up. No science there! Anyway after using all the mixture, I decided to wash the bottle and keep it. It looks so cute! 

Then I thought to myself, why not show you how easy it is! Here's the picture of my bubbled hair. It doesn't look pink actually... but that is because it was taken immediately after the bubbles are applied.

This is the detailed English version of the instruction. There is a Japanese one as well, if you can read it.

Anyway I took a piece of tissue and swap at my neck. The hair dye was dripping off my neck because I forgot to use the towel. I just walked around my house with my hair bubbled up!

It is really easy. You don't even need spare towels and what-nots...

Anyway I forgot to take a picture of my hair when it's dry. But it's looking great!

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  1. hi i was wondering how does the colour look like now? after it has finished drying?(:

  2. Hi Anonymous, the color turned out great! This is the second time I am doing it and though it is from my virgin hair, the color is obvious. You can check out the sample hair dye that are usually placed together with the boxes. Will post a picture soon, when I got time to get batteries for my camera!


thQnk :)


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