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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Liese - Dark Chocolate Hair Dye (DIY) - pictures

I wrote earlier on my latest "venture" to dye my hair dark chocolate.

Here are the pictures:

Still had my hair wet. Took this after I bathed, from dinner (had my hair bundled up during dinner)...

A closer look at the hair, you can see the obvious color change, just compare to this picture.

After my hair is dried... And this is just after I blow dry my hair, without the straightener...

Well, hope you can try it too! As you can see the difference is really big... I don't know if you will have the same effect if you dye with this dark chocolate from dark or black hair. But I think the effect will be there too, since I smell the same strong bleach smell in this, as compare to the pink strawberry one I had used earlier.

Do share!

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  1. Have you considered going on roaccutane?

  2. i am now taking chinese medicine (TCM) and i think it is showing improvements :)

  3. an chaka mo teh ^
    san gwa yng face mo /
    sna buhok Qa nLng ^^ hahaha.
    peace yow !

  4. Pretty!! Love the color on your hair.. greetings from Sweden:)

  5. absolutely love your hair, wish I had such good and thick quality as you! Take care:)


thQnk :)


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