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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Darling No 1 knew I wasn't feeling too good and gave me something nice!

He didn't buy it but he gave me anyway!

Wow! I thought it was just a chocolate cake but the texture was really nice! And it is sweet with a bit of the dark chocolate bitterness that I love so much! It really turned my mood!

Too bad I couldn't share with Darling No 2 or Darling No 3. And it is all for me *grins*

It came in a microwavable box for easy reheat.

And once I opened it, you can see the glistering chocolate just waiting to melt in your mouth!
When I lifted the cover, Darling No 2 came running to me! and he never does that except for really nice food!
But I have never fed him chocolate before, so imagine that, he knows!

And this is after a few bites. I just couldn't stop at one!
And it motivated me to blog about it! haha

It is really a mood enhancer... Girls, go for it! and Guys, this is something you have to get for your girl friends :)

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