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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A lazy Sunday morning

Today is a lazy Sunday morning.

I woke up at 6.40am (my usual timing, yes! And I always wonder why I am always late for work) but did not have to rush to work.

Wanted to leave for home after spending the night with Darling No 1, because his house was more conveniently located than my house, but he asked me to wait for him to return after his run.

While I was having my breakfast, samba goreng (I left out eating the chilli on doctor's orders), he called his house and I picked up. He had called my hp but I had missed it. He then asked to meet at 0745hrs.

So I took 2 umbrellas and waited for him at the mrt station.

One of the umbrellas was rather cute.

It had this precious moments design. To be sure it is a precious moment design, I turned it for a good look.

It also had this "Sharing Our Season Together" slogan.

So yes, it is a Precious Moment umbrella from Suntec mall.

Okay, later shall post my company dinner pictures :)

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