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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Was clearing my old stuff.

This year is a year of changes, be out political or my work life or live life. and if you haven't got my new mobile number, let me know.

Anyway I took out my box and saw these 2 watches which I had kept from my grandfather's collectibles.

Brought me back to my younger days.

And here are some of my most favorite things.

The nice red hair clip that accompanied me in my junior college days, the sunflower in my dating days, my first pager. I got it with my second pay check.first went to this key pouch that was meant for my dad.which I am using now.
And the black phone pouch my Darling No 1 got me on his trip to Taiwan.he got me 2 actually but I kept only 1. The trinkets from my childhood, kindergarten days.

Oh, how time flies!

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