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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stay Home Day

Today is a Stay Home Day for me.

Wanted to bring my Darlings out, but the thunder frightened my Darling No 2 so much that he had to take shelter in my lap. (He wasn't in any mood to go out, not that I don't want to bring him).

I then decided to boil some soup.

This is a $7 pre-packed Chinese soup from my local neighborhood shop - Shop & Save. I am sure you can also get this from else where. Normally the price ranges from $3.50 to $5. I got this as I had never tried this recipe before. And I always buy those soup that "cools" the body. That's the power of Chinese herbs!

This is how the package looks like: Snow Lotus Soup. I did not use the claypot to cook my soup though, I use a normal metal pot. And I just found out there are other Lotus Soup out there too!

Click on the pictures to view them in larger size

Well, if you can see, here are some preparation guide and picture of what the soup is suppose to do:


When I tear open the packet, you can see that all the ingredients are packed individually. There's also this white thing that's wrapped in the plastic white protective sheet, normally for fruits.

Here's a closer view. I think this is the special lotus thing.

And last night I soaked some Chinese Barley and you can see the bubbles forming on the top of the water surface. From Wikipedia, Barley also can be used to make beer. Thus I deduce you can either drink beer or barley to cool your body! ;p Well, since I can't feed beer to my Darlings, I choose a simple Barley Drink!

Well here are the simple ingredients:

1 Cup of Barley
3 Cups of Water (may be added to taste)
3 Pieces of Winter Melon
3 Pieces of Rock Sugar (may be added to taste)

*Water must cover the ingredients

Well, it is a rainy day after all :)
Hope the rain will cool down the Earth and my fiery heart!


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