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Friday, December 11, 2009

Another walk in Little Guilin, Bukit Gombak

I love the Little Guilin in Bukit Gombak.

There is this shelter that I nicknamed 'Little Cave'. Guess a more appropriate description is 'Lovers' Cove', since there are always couples there, whenever I bring my dogs there.

Was supposed to do this walk with my Primary School friend Sylvia but she was down with a flu.

Isn't this beautiful? My HTC Magic may not do it justice (though I think it is really due to my camera skills).

Here's the picture of the Lovers' Cove (from the side).
If you can't spot it, it is the green patch on the left side
of the picture *haha*

The weather was perfect, and I did not sweat when we (with Ash & Kyla) reached our destination. It was truly a fun walk. We met this guy who we bumped into on our way back. He seems to live nearby. But more about him later. Since we are sure to meet again.

I took some candid pictures of Ash since it just looked so nice from the angle where I was sitting.

Here is how Ash and Kyla looks like when I forced them to pose.
A mother and son stopped to see me forcing them to pose.
*haha* I did not take their picture though *wink*

Kyla does looked abit grouchy. I nickname her 'The Tongue' actually.
She is a chirpy little monster (with a monster Tongue) if you know her her. She will lick you to death if you let her (and she does that to me
every single day). I have to push her away everytime she comes to me. (yes, it is THAT bad... and I haven't started on her breathe yet!)

Here is a picture of all three of us (which I know you are dying to see *wink*) As you can see, they are both distracted by other things and did not pay attention to the camera.

We rested for a while before going back home.


There is nothing I want more, than to be able to take fun walks with my darlings every single day of my life.

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