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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lost Brown-And-White Dog in Bukit Batok at 7.30pm 26 Dec 2009

Hi friends, if you ever see a brown-and-white dog in Bukit Batok, please check if there are any owners, if not it could be the dog that Irene is looking for.

I saw the dog at 1.30pm and my Darling No 1 told me there was no owner. I dismissed it. Later we saw a Lost Notice round 7pm+ for that dog.

Irene has been informed and she has been searching around my place but if you do see the dog, please let me know. I will inform Irene.

I understand Irene's feeling because I was frantic when my dad told me that Darling No 2 was missing last year. It was a Monday morning and I almost rushed back home from work.

(Fortunately it was a scare. Darling No 2 was hiding underneath the massage chair and refused to make a sound to acknowledge my dad)

Please, help someone. If you do notice other missing pets, please do the right thing, notify someone so that word can spread.

Do something good. You will be better for it.

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