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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Having a BIG headache on how to choose a PC?

Tomorrow my Darling No 1 is going to order a PC for me! Let me share with you how to choose a PC.

Dell Inspiron 545 Piano Black Desktop PC with 22-Inch HD Monitor (Windows 7 Home Premium)We were looking at the Dell Inspiron 545 Desktop PC

Eventually  Darling No 1 says that the HP Pavilion P6290D is a better choice for me.

Then came the decision making for me (if I want to have it). So I went to look at the specifications. (Step 1).

Normally this means you go to the company's website and browse at the writeups for the item. The websites usually attaches user reviews for the product. But it seems like for computers you have to search separately for them. (Step 2). It is very easy, just type the product name + "review".

 Then I have to read these and decide (Step 3). As easy as that (1-2-3)!

There are of course other ways (more professional ways, read here) that you can go about choosing a computer. But this is MY way of choosing. Hope it helps you!

Easy as 1 2 3, do-able as 3 2 1!

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