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Friday, December 25, 2009

new year resolutions

Guess it is early but I plan to start early, so here I am, writing about New Year Resolutions on Christmas Day.

According to my favorite online dictionary, a New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. 

Did a Google and here are the top few resolutions (source):

More Family/Friend Time
Better Fitness
Firmer Tummy
Giving up a vice - Smoking
Enjoy Life More
Giving up a vice - Drinking
Get Out of Debt
 Learn Something New
 Help Others
Get Organized

My 2009 resolutions were made on the first day of this year. I had only 3 priorities: Happiness, Health and a new skill (can't find a word that starts with the letter H!).

I felt that it would be a busy year (and it was). I started the Chinese New Year still working, gave up that job and took up another job that requires me to start work at 7.30am! Gave up that too and now I am better for it.

It may be me unconsciously adhering to my Chinese Fortunes or me being jaded after being in the education industry for a number of years. Or it could be the much dreaded MLC (but I had been expecting this since my early 20s!) But I felt old (but young at heart!).

My thinking changed this year. All these were largely affected by the 2007/2008 turmoils I experienced. I had thought myself a strong person who can withstand all emotional turmoils but I am after all, just a woman. But I withstood the tests and learned that no matter what, I have to pass myself. Learning to live with myself was the greatest thing I could learn in this lifetime.

Personally, I feel I am a rather responsible person but felt I have to do something for myself. And against the advice of everyone (close friends and Darling No 1), I took time off for myself.

After a month long of self criticism, I took up a course. I haven't told my close friends what this was but I have a gut feeling, they would have known it already. Anyway my test will be on 29 Dec 2009, Tuesday.

It seems a pretty long time (3months from Sept 2009).

Just this morning, I received an SMS from my ex-colleague of my last company. Mr CL too had left the company. I guess it was a closure that pushed him to send me the sms greeting. I felt it.

Anyway I was more fortunate than him as I left earlier. I shared with him that I attended a seminar from Success Resource Pte Ltd.

I did share with another ex-colleague GH that I believe it is important to send her kids for personal developments while they are young.

And so I went for this seminar that gave me a push in the direction that I have always wanted to explore. My thanks goes to my brother. He too is pursuing his dreams now.

And so, I unconsciously achieved the 3 resolutions I set for 2009.

My 2010 resolutions are being made now. No prizes for guessing but I want to repeat my resolutions again, since they have given me so much.

Your success comes  from yourself, not from the support or objections of others.

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