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Sunday, December 20, 2009

christmas party

had a wonderful time celebrating christmas with my dear friends.

we were trying to revive our last hotel stay at conrad (shape run 2009).

as usual, we met late afternoon, took our time to settle in.

dear Ms O had to do her handmade gift while the rest of us went to shop for our dinner.

we also dyed our hair, got gifts that were dear to our hearts and also caught a movie.

Ms Y got the porridge she lusted over,  Ms O had her heart's desire (sweet pink), Ms S had a wonderful electronic device and she produced this picture of us at our breakfast this morning.

it was really a wonderful experience and i wish you the same for your stay.

the staff were great and food is definately worth the trip (the walk from level 17 to level 1 wasn't too bad? haha, just kidding). well, personally, i do love the company more but equally fantastic were the ambience at the breakast table and the emmi yogurt were great! i do love the coffee and the waffles and the sausages and the noodles... (what happened to my commas?) *grin*

the location is just great, with so many amenities (carrefour and eng hwa were our focus, but of course)

and yes, i did manage to finish reading something. will share more of this later.

*i am a fan of emmi, read here for more


When you are with the right company, time seems to fly.

(*Translation from babylon: When meeting a close friend, thousand cups are still too few. When words don't fit the occasion, half a sentence is too much.

*My take of the translation: you would not mind drinking a thousand cups of wine with a close friend who understands you. This is in comparison to your dislike/discomfort in speaking to someone on a different wavelength. A few words or half a sentence is deemed too long.)

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