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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar (2009) 3D


That is the only word I have in my mind from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Caught the movie yesterday morning at the new cinema theatre in Bugis before I had a chance to read any reviews or synopsis or even saw the trailer (it HAS been a long time since my Movie Nights but I intend to come up with another 2 more movie reviews of the other movies I watched recently).

I was late for the show but fortunately my boyfriend (who is always punctual) has already arranged for the tickets. We met on Level 5 and proceeded up the escalator.

After our tickets were tore (why can't they register our IC or EZLink Card for the movies to save the Earth?), expensive ($15 bucks?) 3-Dimensional spectacles were handed to us. You need to return these, of course!

Another couple trailed my dear boyfriend's footsteps while he repeats his chant 'people are so busy that they are late'.

We entered the dark hall and found our wonderful seats (right in the middle of the entire hall, yes we were so fortunate. But I do suspect my boyfriend had a hand in this) and quickly settled down.

Throughout the show, everything was shown with the 3D effects, even the commercials and trailers of other shows. It was really an experience (okay, okay, so I am a sua-ku or tortoise in hokkien) to be remembered.

(I am going into a few details of the show here, read on if you are still interested)

The show starts with a handsome guy, Jake who was seeing his brother being cremated. Being a guy, he did not cry. Nor did he show any emotions. It was revealed later that he was a marine (and marines are strong mentally and physically) and he was a crippled and he had a twin brother. There are not alot of relevations in the movie but there were a few implied situations (I wanted to use the word implications but felt it was wrong).

Such as twins share similar genes and this is critical to him being brought to Pandora, another planet that does not fully support human body. Humans were excavating a kind of mineral that is obviously very valuable. The heads of this project were Botanist - Grace Augustine, Security Detail - Colonel Miles Quaritch and Corporate Administrator Parker Selfridge (not in any order of importance).

Jake was offered a handsome reward (for a handsome man?) to stand in (pardon my pun) for his brother's genetic experiment. The story develops round Jake's involvement (of course, he is the lead man, for goodness sake!) with the natives.

He seems to be the hero expected by the Eywa (I see it as a grove that ancestral spirits resides in). It tickled me when seeds of Eywa floated around him and covered him like a Christmas Tree (Merry Christmas to you!) *wink*

Of course he tried to do the unthinkable (swapping at the seeds like mosquitos!) and he was ordered to freeze by the female lead Princess Neytiri. Neytiri then brought Jake to the Clan Head, Eytucan, also her father. Neytiri and her mother Mo'at are the shaman or the spiritual leaders of the Omaticaya clan who resides in the Tree of Souls (village of the clan).

The status of Neytiri is expected and the story was quite predictable: Jake rapidly learnt the ways of the natives, gained their trust, fell in love with Neytiri, and became the hero of the village (read that here).

There were some realistic twists too: Jake broke the heart of Neytiri (a bittersweet situation) when she found out he came to the village knowing that the Tree of Souls would be destroyed by the Sky People (haha, funny word). Grace died of a gun wound and was not saved by the clan's healing rituals (participated by the entire clan), also.

Eventually it is after all a good-over-evil movie and Jake recorded his final video-logue (not sure if this is the correct term) and proceeded to map his brain permanently into his native body with the native's "technology", the Ewya.

The main themes were the importance of nature, kindness of the natives, power of love, evil of mankind, conquering of fear and unity of family.

I enjoyed the movie as much as the 3-D animations. Call me a simpleton if you must, but catch it in the 3D format, yeah?

Good to be inspired by a 3D movie that rekindles your heart with nature

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