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Monday, December 28, 2009

Chinese New Year in Singapore - Yusheng 鱼生

I do so love Chinese New Year! (I can't wait for it! That is why I am posting this now haha)

According to Uniquely Singapore (source), Chingay parade in Singapore during the Chinese New Year is not to be missed.

Personally, I would say it is the traditional Yusheng 鱼生 (hanyupinyin: yúshēng) that you should not miss (read more).

As every Singaporean would know, it is a Chinese dish served with fish. Traditionally the fish used is raw mackerel 鲭鱼 but raw salmon 大 马 哈 鱼 or 三文鱼 is getting popular (maybe because of its orange color).

Of course, being multi-racial and tolerant of each other, Yusheng in Singapore may be consumed by all races and even vegetarians (so long as the fish is not added). It is basically a vegetarian dish with fish added.

 I love the crunchiness of the golden crackers and the sweet and sour sauce of the different ingredients... Do not miss this in your next Chinese New Year *grins*

Nothing feels more at home than having Yusheng 鱼生 with your family

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