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Monday, September 20, 2010

CafeWorld - Fancy Dinner Party

Started on my next Catering mission...

This is the Fancy Dinner Party... You can (at least I think) access it only after you complete the Amanda's 6 Birthday Party

It has the same concept, you gotta cook a mixture of dishes or get it served before you can get the party started!

The reward for the Fancy Dinner Party is a decent rack of lamb (though I am now almost vegetarian), I do think lamb smell nice! I know some of you don't like the smell of mutton but that is because you don't enjoy your food!

 Anyway the items required are:

41 Savory Stuffed Turkey
40 Angel Fruit Cake
180 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
72 Spicy Devil Eggs.

And if you (like me) had cooked plenty of the 12-hour Triple Berry Cake, you can sell them to Dale, Wholesale.

This means that you can sell directly from our counters and get profits (coins) instantly.
Well, nearly everything is instant now, isn't it? except when my fringe doesn't want to grow instantly!

Well, gotta to go spend more time on my housing... won't be blogging much this week!

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