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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mafia Wars - Emerald Award

I got this Emerald Award and I was so happy, thinking I was some lucky girl but then I think most of us got it too! (Good for you!)

Emerald Award
You've Earned Emerald Status!

Congratulations, Pek. In recognition of your loyalty, you've been awarded Emerald status in our Loyalty Program. You will receive special rewards and benefits as an Emerald Player.

Friends get a bonus

Emerald Status Benefits
-Earn 1x Loyalty Points for every dollar you spend or by playing with your Mafia
- Use thise points to buy Emerald items
- Get access to special discounts on Reward Points

This picture (click on it to view an enlarged version), tells you the different status that you can get - Gold and Platinum, besides Emerald.

Benefits are 2x and 4x for the Gold and Platinum. And of course you get access to exclusive items & rewards and also Platinum (read: special) Customer Service (Darling No 1 told me their service, mind you - normal one, is already very fast and good), access to Beta Content, besides invites to Mafia Wars Events (what kinda is this?)

Oh, but look at the fine print: you need to maintain the Gold and Platinum accounts (kinda like credit card?) with 100 and 400 LP earned per month, respectively.
Well, if you joined it, let me know what you got specially for this!

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