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Saturday, September 11, 2010

FarmVille - Pigpen

This is my pigpen post.

After putting the free pigpen, (lots of work to clear this space!) I found that I need to get gifts!

 The thing is, you still need your friends to send you alot of things... but it is easier when you do this sharing thing...

Stuff to get 8 Bricks, 8 Nails, 8 Wooden Boards... or you could just spend FarmVille Dollars to get it done!

And as per the usual building projects, if you complete the items, you get to share the news and the free items too!

Hope you have got yours done.

This pigpen is really special. I got to do special things like make pig slop, hunt for truffles, and also you get special items! Will do printscreens when I remember too ;p

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