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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday walk (Gombak Station)

Been real busy!

Took several printscreens of my games but haven't been doing anything with them yet. Did not really start on my house hunting and fortunately I did not started much!

The hoo-har was all on the new housing rules. New owners of HDBs (less than 5 years) are not allowed to have private property! (Think of my friend whose parents got them a condo in their name?) Well, too bad it affected me, not that much! I don't think my parents (nor his) will give us condo while we pay in cash for our HDB.

Well, anyways, thanks to our dear PM, it cooled me off buying a private property all by myself. I am back to getting a HDB the normal way (with a partner ;p)

I may actually decide on getting a 5 room instead of a 4 room flat. I don't need huge space but my flat-mate told me that he may want his parents to come and stay, and I think a bigger house seems more conducive to rent!

Well, back to the main topic of this post. To relieve my guilt of not spending enough time with my darlings, I brought them out for extra walk at the Gombak MRT. It happened to be the weekend where Bukit Batok MRT was closed (along with Clementi and Jurong East MRT) for the upgrading. Strange as it may sound, there were still alot of people boarding the train at Bukit Gombak!


Darling No 2 looking so handsome!

Darling No 2 again...

Darling No 3 wondering what is up with the train station!

Darling No 2 watching Darling No 3... (who is not in the picture)

Darling No 3 attracted by someone far off... Just look at her butt! Perky enough for you? *Grins*

Lifted my handphone (magic) abit higher to see beyond... the yonder grass seems greener!

Wanted to take Darling No 3 but she gave me a miss, caught the view of the station instead.
 See how shag Darling No 3 is. She folded her ears back because I was scolding her for not giving me a good background shot!
 Darling No 2 and Darling No 3 were staring at the carpark near the Gombak Stadium. I just couldn't hear the sound!
 Darling No 3 wanted to wander off but her leash tied her back...
 Darling No 2 and Darling No 3 were forced (or rather nagged by me) to sit together. See how near their butts are! I had to force them down literally!

I tried to call them both to my attention but they were more attracted to the trains instead...

I tried to take one picture...

And another
 And 1 more...

Finally I think that's it!

Left my darlings to themselves...

See the color difference? Of course, that's my knee right at the bottom...

Scratching Darling No 3...

See how happy Darling No 2 is? His ears are always alert when we are outside...

Another one... the lighting just suit him so nice!

Isn't Darling No 3 adorable?

She looks like she can fall asleep anytime... Her eyes are so sleepy... Mind you, she was so happy stepping into the puddles of water!

There, the 2 of them

Cut off quite abit of Darling No 2 but the color just seems so nice!

They were still sitting together, chubby with each other ;p Must be really tired from the walk. We left house at 1.30pm and reached home round 3plus ...

Well, you can see Darling No 3 is itching to run after a short rest...

Another shot from the ground, to show the nice HDBs...

Well, hope you like my pictures!

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