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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mafia Wars - New York Armor Upgrade

Have you got your New York Armour Upgrade yet?

Build new armor to fight with more power. Head to your Properties page in New York and suit up.

There it is, the new property, it looks like a similar design to the Weapons Depot...

Then there's the chance to share when you build it...
So I did...

 Even legendary fighter needs strong armor. Collect construction parts to build your Amory. Then you can make new armor everyday to use in fights. The more you upgrade your Armory, the better your items will get. Ask your friends to send you construction parts or buy them with reward points. It's the only way!
Sounds like a tactic to get us to spend more! Well, sounds like a bigger Mafia is gonna help too! The armors you can get from this latest New York Amory are:

  • A Pair of Ocular Implants (Common)
  • A Camourflage Body Armor (UnCommon)
  • A Pressure Suit (Rare)

Of course you can Ask Friends for help! Yeah, to build a decent or awesome Armory!

Well, these are the 5 items for the building:

5 Hammer
5 Rivet
5 Furnace
5 Vice
5 Anvil
These are also available for bulk purchase for 25 gold coins or individual sales for 1 gold coin each.

You can also ask for individual items to be sent to you. This will appear on your wall. I asked for Furnace first....

 And then the Armory will show you what you can build yet... As long as you have the parts for the basic items... As you can see from these 2 pictures, different randsom items are available for different levels of upgrades for the Armory.


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Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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