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Saturday, September 11, 2010

FrontierVille - Barn and Crib

Been spending more time on FrontierVille. It is quite fun actually, like FarmVille but it is more focused on clearing the shrubs that keep coming up! I don't plant so much or collect money from the animals much too.

It is more like an adventure for me...

Anyway here is how I got my crib. (you gotta start your family first before you can get to this stage, read my earlier FrontierVille posts!)

Well, I got to do the crib by going to the Barn. You can only craft a crib in the Barn.
Of course all these buildings you will be able to get bonuses...

Well, show you the rewards first, 500 Coins and 25 XP!

And oh yeas, you gotta finish your Barn first. To do that you got to receive from your neighbors 4 Hammers, 4 Nails, 4 Bricks, 4 Hand Drill (seems similar to Mafia Wars right?) and 4 Paint Buckets.  And you got to click the Finish button after getting all these items!

 And you gotta do the usual whacking for the Barn too... See how me and my Spouse both working together? I clicked myself to do the whacking, then I clicked my Spouse to whack too...

And it was for a total of 20 whacks for the barn.

Oh yeah, you gotta get 10 planks, 4 tools and the barn (shown above)...

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