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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mafia Wars - Dublin

Ready for Dublin?

Are you up for a World-Class Challenge?

Mafia War gives 4 times the normal amount of mastery rewards if you go to Dublin... And there is an eclusive item for every job you master!

So far, I haven't really go there yet because you need pints and pints of Stout!

If you google dublin, you won't see stout...

Instead, Wiki says, it is pubs!


It is the home of Guinness. Dublin is famous for its pubs. Trinity College, the home of the world famous Book of Kells, is in Dublin. It has the largest public park in Europe, which is the Phoneix Park. It is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Many entertainers are from Dublin: U2, Sinéad O'Connor, Bob Geldof. All of these an many other things make Dublin famous.
Other celebrities who have or do still live and come from Ireland are:
  • Colin Farrell
  • The Cranberries
  • Westlife
  • Richard Harris (Dumbledore from Harry Potter)
  • Bob Geldof
  • Pierce Brosnan (007 from James Bond)
  • Boyzone
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter)
  • U2
  • The Script
  • The IRA (International Republican Army)
  • St. Patrick
  • St. Bridget
  • Roy keane (Footballer)
  • Sonia O Sullivan (Athlete)
  • Bono
  • Sir Michael Gambon (The other Dumbledore)
  • Cillian Murphy (Red Eye)
  • Hector
  • Jon Kenny (Comedian)
  • Pat Shortt (Comedian)
  • Tommy Tiernan (Comedian)
  • Paddy Casey
  • Ronny Drew

Just to side-track, what did Wiki say that Singapore is famous for?

  1. American naval base
  2. Bird Park
  3. Changi Water Recycling Plant - world's largest
  4. Diversity - multiracial, multiethnic, multinational
  5. Esplanade - centre for the arts
  6. Food - all kinds of food, all kinds of cuisine, at all kinds of prices. I highly recommend seafood at East Coast beach
  7. Government. Lee Kuan Yew. Housing and Healthcare policy. World's highest rate of home ownership (90%) and world's lowest healthcare cost (3.7% of GDP). World's first electronic road pricing system.
  8. Hub - every year, as many ships call at the Singapore port as at all of the ports of the United States. The port transships a fifth of the world's containers and half of the world's crude oil. Financial centre and forex trading hub.
  9. Inkjet printers - HP develops and makes lots of them here and Dell launched its printers division in Singapore
  10. Jurong Island - an offshore island formed by combining seven islands. The world's third densest chemical cluster after Houston and Rotterdam
  11. K
  12. Law and Order - The reality is Singapore's laws are not particularly different from other nations, but the Country actually enforces them.
  13. Mustapha - Little India. 24 hour shopping.
  14. Night safari - world's first
  15. One North - a 200 ha research and education hub located one degree north of the equator - and INSEAD is part of it
  16. Pulau Ubin - an offshore island, the last 'kampung' village left in Singapore. you take a boat there and you feel like you travel back in time
  17. Q
  18. Rainforest. One of two cities in the world that has a tropical rainforest.
  19. Sentosa.
  20. Trade. Total trade is more than 300% of GDP.
  21. Umbrella - good for rain and sun. Bring yours along
  22. Vanessa Mae
  23. Water sports
  24. X
  25. Y
  26. Zoo - one of our top attractions

Well, I am glad they did not mention Geylang and anything about the accident:

Taxi involved in fatal accident in Geylang removed
By Seet Sok Hwee | Posted: 18 September 2010 2102 hrs 
Related News
Vietnamese woman killed in accident at Geylang

SINGAPORE: The taxi that went off the road and onto a five-foot way in Geylang has been removed. 
A 30-year-old Vietnamese woman was killed in the accident near Geylang Lorong 41 early Friday morning. 
It took two hours and 20 people to remove the taxi on Saturday. 
They had to remove it piece by piece, as the cab was stuck in the narrow corridor. 
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is assessing the safety of the affected structure. 
Affected tenants have been asked not to enter the premises until Monday. 

Anyway back to Mafia Wars...

You need the pints of Stout... which I hate because of the bitterness...

And you can also recruit friends to get more pints of Stout...
And they can help you with the jobs too (with the Ask for Help)...

Well, Stout, anyone?!!?!?!?!

 You may want to view my other Mafia Wars posts or surf around my blog. If you like, please visit my Support page.
Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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