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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dog Walk on 13 June 2010

These are some pictures I took in my Dog Walk on 13 June 2010.

Please click on the individual pictures to see the blown up (original size).

Darling No 2 digging into the grass patch! (No grass was hurt!)

Look at him panting, isn't he adorable?

I tried to take a wide angle shot by taking a few pictures, see if you can see the big picture?

These are pictures of a dragon fly mating. They just flew in my face, can't stop posing for me!

Some flowers, this white flower was very common when I used to stay at the kampung in Choa Chu Kang. Haven't seen it recently and so I took a few picture of it.

Found this on the cemented ground, It contained the whitish transparent thing that so fascinated me in my younger days.

This is a Macro shot of the infamous mimosa. This was a common weed in my younger days too!


This group of poisonous plant (the sap makes the skin itchy) looks so cute! I wanted to lie down on it!

A bigger view of the entire "grassland".


More pictures.





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