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Sunday, August 1, 2010



Just re-categorized my fishes in my 8 (erm 9 actually) tanks.

Tank 1 had alot of statutes and I had to sell off some of my Mermaid Statues. Now this tank is a community tank for prawn gobies and the family...

My Tank 2 is full of purple fishes. I used to think that my Tank 2 with the green bamboos (costs FishVIlle Coins $1,710 each!) suits red fishes better. But I wanted a change in environment and put in purple fishes, looks great too! Especially the Royal Gammas

Now my Tank 3 had those blue trees (also known as Purple Sea Fan). They were gifts from yonder years... I had to showcase them with the Orengon Tortuosa (my, FishVille Coins $14,460 is a worthy price!) which I got separately and decided to put them together for good measure of blue-ness. Well the Pajama Cardinal seems a good blue fish to put in.

Tank 4 is my Yellow Tank. I got nearly all types of fishes in, except those Mastery Fishes. Forgot about them till I remembered when I wanted to go and see my Fish Discovery Log. Well, after these fishes matured, I will get some!

Tank 5 was inspired by Tank 4. Wanted to keep Angelfishes or discus.  The sandy look seems to suit them, doesn't it? The rays too, a nice touch, I would say!

Tank 6 is full of love! I wanted to keep the Valentine's Day stuff.... The Red Fin Wrasse, Flame Hawk and the Terras Anthias seems to go well with my 2-day Swissguard Basslet and my Longnose Hawkfish just has to come in to bask in the loving ambience!

Tank 7 seems abit lackluster when you look at Tank 6. But it is a true community tank with different types of fishes (different size, shape and color) with different animals from the land, chicks, goats, snail, starfish, and even sea-cows? Soldiers are still standing by to guard their beloved castle against pending invasion.

Tank 8 are my boxes. But with a Fairy Touch. It is abit hard to see so I put up an image without the decorations. I took it when I was at the Feeding Icon. This tank seems abit messy and I may have to re-decorate it soon.

Hang on, here's my Arena (Tank 9?)... It seems abit messy because I really want to hide the word Arena at the back! Oh yeah, you cannot change the environment for the Arena. And I rarely train my fishes because I have no time? ;p

Hope to update more soon!

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