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Friday, August 13, 2010

FarmVille - Bee Hive Completed

I placed my Bee Hive earlier and just got it completed, after getting the 5 Smoker, 5 Beeswax, 5 Wooden Board, 5 Nail, and 5 Bricks.

 So after 9 days, I finally got inside the Bee Hive, and to my horror, I found that I got to fork out money for a Queen Bee! Since it is so rare, I gotta pay, I guess.

To build your colony, first you need a rare Queen Bee! Queen Bees can be found around flower crops on your farm or your friend's farm. You may also buy a Queen Bee from the Market.

Somehow it struck me (Only after I click on the Accept) that I should not have bought it! 10 Farm Cash! Woah, there should be a BIGGER warning sign!

Then I was off to building my honey bee troops:

Build your colony by getting honey bees from friends. The more bees you have, the higher chance of harvesting pollinated seeds from fertilized crops! Once your hive is full, you might find a special reward!
Tend to your colony every other day or your bees may fly away!

And I was prompted to buy the 5 Honey Bees but I didn't. (I was shocked into consciousness!)

Well, if you missed them from friends, you may get them from the Market, under Animals.

Well, after buying them, or after receiving them from friends you should find them in your Gift Box. As it is, I have tons of HoneyBees (77 to be exact) and I sent them into the Hive ;p

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