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Monday, August 9, 2010

FarmVille - Crafting (Type)

Finally here are my Crafting pictures.

Crafting is here!
1) Harvest crops to find bushels
2) Exchange bushels with your friends
3) Make goods from bushels
4) Trade goods for special items! (so far the special item I have are all fuel!)

There are 3 types of craft currently and I chose Spa because I thougth it got to do more with flowers? (Sadly I was wrong).

1) Bakery
2) Spa
3) Winery

I edited the picture to present the screenshots as 1 picture.

1)Find Bushels
a) You have a chance to find a bushel each time you harvest a crop
b) Your bushels are stored in your Farmer's Market Inventory
c) Master a crp to find more bushels when you harvest

2) Shop for Bushels
a) Your Market Stalls open for business each time you find a bushel
b) Need more bushels? Get them from your friends' Market Stalls

3) Craft Goods
a) Earn recipe experience each time you make or sell a good
b) The fastest way to level up recipes is to sell goods
c) You earn 90% of the selling price when a friend buys a good!

4) Use Goods
a) Trade bakery, spa and winery goods for fuel!
b) Coming soon: Trade goods for special items and bonuses!

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