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Monday, August 9, 2010

FarmVille - Crafting Ingredients Analysis

This post will talk about the ingredients you need for Crafting.

I listed the ingredients for the Crafting Recipes and here I will be analysing the ingredients if you plan to grow your own crops (be a self-sustaining craftsman!)

For Bakery, you have a variety of 5 crops:
1 x 4h
1 x 8hr
5 x 12hr
1 x 16hr
1 x 24 hr

Total time for Pumpkin Bread is 20hr
Pumpkins - 8hr
Wheat - 12 hr

Total time for Strawberry Shortcake is 16hr
Strawberries - 4hr
Wheat - 12 hr

Total time for Spicy Muffins is 42hrs
Carrots - 12hr
Peppers - 24hr
Ghost Chili - 6hr

Total time for Pattypan Tart is 40hr
Pattypan Squash - 16hr
Onion - 12hr
Rice - 12hr

To recap, the recipes for Bakery are:
1) Pumpkin Bread - Pumpkins , Wheat
2) Strawberry Shortcake (yummy!) Strawberries, Wheat
3) Spicy Muffins - Carrots, Peppers, Ghost Chili
4) Pattypan Tart - Pattypan Squash, Onion, Rice

For Spa, you have a variety of 7 crops:
1 x 2hr
1 x 4hr
1 x 6hr
1 x 8hr
1 x 10hr
2 x 12hr
1 x 24 hr

Total time for Fresh Sachet is 42hrs
Pumpkins - 8hr
Cranberries - 10hr
Sunflowers - 24hr

Total time for Floral Perfume is 14hr
Raspberries - 2hr
Morning Glory - 12hr

Total time for Soothing Herbal Lotion is 16hr
Aloe Vera - 6hr
Green Tea - 10hr

Total time for Relaxation Oil is 16hr
Blueberries - 4hr
Morning Glory - 12hr

To recap, the recipes for Spa are:
1) Fresh Sachet (so feminine!) - Pumpkins, Cranberries, Sunflowers
2) Floral Perfume (my fave!) - Raspberries, Morning Glory
3) Soothing Herbal Lotion (too green for me but I love green tea lotions!) - Aloe Vera, Green Tea
4) Relaxation Oil (love it!) - Blueberries, Morning Glory

For Winery, you have a variety of 6 crops:
1 x 2hr
2 x 4hr
2 x 8hr
1 x 10hr
3 x 12hr
1 x 24hr

Total time for Sweet Sake is 22hr
Rice - 12hr
Cranberries - 10hr

Total time for White Sangria is 24hr
White Grapes - 12hr
Sugar Cane - 8hr
Strawberries - 4hr

Total time for Red Table Wine is 36hr
Grapes - 24hr
White Grapes - 12hr

Total time for Fruit Wine is 14hr
Raspberries - 2hr
Blueberries - 4hr
Sugar Cane - 8hr

To recap, the recipes for Winery are:
1) Sweet Sake - Rice, cranberries
2) White Sangria - White Grapes, Sugar Cane, Strawberries
3) Red Table Wine - Grapes, White Grapes
4) Fruit Wine - Raspberries, Blueberries, Sugar Cane

Basing on the information above does not allow you to fully appreciate the difficulty of each craft.

But you will be able to know that the you do have really alot of variety of crops. I did not differentiate by the different types, rather I went by the timing of harvest.

The most difficult part is those 2hr or 4hr ones, or even 6 or 10hr crops.12hr crops or 24hr crops are easy because you just have to clock in 1 hr at the same time, easy time management. Time is now a luxury item for me!

But again, if you look carefully, you can further analyse and see which are the most popular crops...

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