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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mafia Wars - Level Up Bonus for FarmVille


This is the best part about playing all of Zynga's games. You level up in one and get a bonus for the rest!

I saw this link in FrontierVille to get a Sharp Axe.

Well, first, FrontierVille told me that the Rattlesnake Canyon is ready.

Then the Sharp Axe notice came. It says:

Wanna clear your homestead faster an' easier? Go find yourself a Sharp Axe by gaining levels in Zynga's Mafia Wars game! Are ya' interested? (Minimum Mafia Wars Level of 5 and limit one Sharp Axe per 16hours!)

Then when I click Yes, I saw this screen (in a new window) with Mafia Wars showing the FrontierVille Axe sign.

Welcome to Mafia Wars!
Complete Jobs to gain experience and level up. Every day you LEVEL UP in Mafia Wars, you earn another Sharp Axe!

After a few clicks, the notice came:

Congratulations! You have earned an exclusive Sharp Axe! Click below to claim it!

And a new window of FrontierVille comes up. Take note not to open too many game windows!

Then I got this thing:

You earned a Sharp Axe!
Congratulations! You just knocked off some mafia bosses, so takin' down a buncha tree oughta be a piece of cake. You can find your Sharp Axe in your Inventory. Ready to start choppin?


The cursor turns into an Axe. And when I click on the huge tree that I want to cut down, it says that there are 12 chops and 1 Sharp Axe left. And I begin chopping.


The Axe is really wonderful!

You used a special Sharp Axe! Wanna make any cutting remarks to your friends!

And there you see, there are 8 chops left, so 4 were taken by the Sharp Axe, not bad ar!


Anyway when I continue with Mafia Wars, I discovered I had levelled up. And there is this FarmVille bonus waiting for me!

Anyway I got this Mystery gift.

 It is a Mafia Wars Mystery Fuel Box :)

 So, it's great to play so many Zynga games, guess I am really enjoying all my games:

Mafia Wars
Vampire Wars

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