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Sunday, August 1, 2010

FrontierVille - Visit Your Neighbor

Well, you get to Share The Love, with reward of 30 Food when you increase your Love Factor. This is tagged to the number of heart you get when visiting your neighbor.

FrontierVille Jack will transport you right to your neighbor's doorstep.

You also get the typical 50 Coins, 2 Energy and 5 Cloth for helping at each neighbor's site. 
For example, we look at Jack's.

You can do work here by clicking on things just like you would at home!

Try clickin' on something like a crop, a tree, an animal, or even grass!
Actually the only thing you can't do are the to scare the animals.

Look at them "hearts" poppin' out! Means helpin' your neighbors is gonna increase your reputation! Keep clickin'
TEND: You can help each of your neighbors 5 times per day by clicking on things and tending the. These would show how many "tends" you have left on this homestead.
Holy Cow! This stuff don't cost no energy, and your friend gets the resources too!

When you are done, you will see this: I have done all the work on this homestead.

And if you completed all 5 tasks / tends, you can share tool bonus. But actually I am not sure if this really works or not because I don't seem to have more when I go to my own homesite!

And lastly, again, this visiting bonus (as in the top of this page) will tell you when you get more and you share experience from levelling up.

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Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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