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Sunday, August 1, 2010

FrontierVille - How to progress

Basically you need to clear the random things that appear on your site - grass, trees, animals/vermins/varmints and build cabin and clear other events.

So if you started with a barren site, and cleared a few patches of grasses, you will achieve this Tend Your HomeStead event. As usual some rewards awaits you: 50 Coins and 3XP.

And if your neighbors come by and do the work for you, you can let them know you welcome their help! 

There was this Lost Sheep Event which you just need to move the sheep which is usually hidden by Trees or Shrubs.

The reward for it was a good 100 Coins and 6 XP!

And of course my spouse asked if we have a place to live yet? 

And of course Frontier Jack has to warn me:

The wilderness never rests!
New grass and baby trees will keep growin' in your homestead.

And he also warns you not to over plant. Because you may not have the energy to harvest. 

Talk about Harvest, well, there is this Prepare the Harvest Event where you need to buy 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Pig and Plant 7 Crops. This was what got me started on having 5 Fruit Trees so that when friends visit me, they can finish harvesting for me!

The Clear The Land is similar to the Prepare The Ground Event. But You need to Clear 3 Grass, Chop Down 2 Trees and Clear 1 Rock on your Site.

Learn to Visit Your Neighbors too!

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