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Thursday, August 12, 2010

FishVille - Levelling up in Arena

Been slowly levelling up in Arena.

My strategy is very different from what FishVille wants everyone to do - level up.

Like most of my friends, my Darling No 1 has been working hard at his Arena. And he is now Level 7. And he just keep losing all the matches now!

And in order to win, he has to go back to those fishes (or the previous level) that he has K.O. and this to me, is wastage!

Why not just level up slowly, instead of wasting time to click the Back Button? Yeah, I am proud that I am just a Level 3 (and now a level 4 I think)...

Basically what I do, is that I just don't K.O. all the fishes. I let them off when they are at 30 or 40 for Health. and just move on to the next one, or just log off from FishVille. Follow me?

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