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Saturday, July 3, 2010

FrontierVille - Prepare the Ground

This is another event in FrontierVille. It requires you to clear 7 Grass, 1 Skull and 2 Rocks. There is a hint to look out for snakes. The funny thing is, because I don't pay attention to my game progress, I sort of clobbered the snake (I think there were 2?) in my previous log in sessions.

Anyway once I finished the tasks, I got 100 Coins and 20XP as rewards... They told me that the land is ready to plant and I can inspire my friends with a food bonus... I guess that's why after this I got the next event to get the pig and the tree planting... Can't really remember the sequence...

This game is sort of like a tutorial, where in Warcraft or Starcraft, you follow a fix format of performing tasks in a specific pattern before you get to the random one character mode of fighting... Simple format for simple people like me *smile*

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