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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dogs Grooming (28 Jan 2011) Part 6

Some close ups of my Darling No 2 (Read my earlier posting here)

Click the pictures to see an enlarged version.

His paw... trimmed! The groomers had to have 2 to serve him. One to comfort him and the other to hold his leg. And he still kicked.

Well, I just stand there and watch... laughing! ;p

Usually I trim him by lying him down on my lap. And he will because my lap is so soft and comfortable ;p

And look at him dreaming away... I think he is just tired after the long trip.

His ear.... It's red because he is allergic to something, I hope to find out soon what it is!

His head ;p

Here's a full listing of the pictures for the grooming today (28 Jan 2011):

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