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Friday, January 28, 2011

FarmVille - Valentines Box 2011

FarmVille has rolled out the 2011 Valentines Box again.

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Well there is nothing new about this, if you are a regular Farmer like me. FarmVille gives you a Valentine Box which you will place in your Farm. Once you do that, you will be allowed to 'share' with your neighbor something (and in this case, a Valentine) so that you will be able to tell them to give you more in return!

And this time, for 2011, there is a little bit of difference. You will be allowed to redeem the special rewards without getting the valetines through Facebook Wall posts or special delivery or what-nots. You can simply pay real money (yes, the hard cash that you have in your real wallet) for it. That is why even when I have 0 Valentines (which labels me as a 'Loveless' hahaha, I love that term), the green Redeem button is still available for me to click.

You see, you will be asked:

You do not have enough to redeem for "Valentine Ram". Would you like to spend 50 Farm Cash to redeem for this item?

 Well, I will not be paying FarmVille Cash for the sheep though I want it badly... So, please send me more Valentines... and meanwhile, here's a close up of the sheep I redeemed last year.... Luv Ewe So sweet right! The one on the right (yellow one) is the Sunny Ewe

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