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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I wrote earlier on expanding the land and this is another one:

You need to Build a Land Office and Sextant and get Land Grant before you can buy a Big Homestead

Expanding The Boundaries
The last thing you have to do is build a Land Office. Once you build that go get yourself a Sextant and a Land Grant and you'll be ready to buy the Big Homestead!

The Land Office is available in the Market, see bottom right.

Well, I started building from scratch and you can see you need 19 Whacks and each Whack works out to 5 wood, so a total of... tadah... 95 wood and 19 energy is required.

After getting my land office and the Sextant, I still needed help with the Land grant.

I think it took a few days for my good neighbors to send me but they did. And then I got to see the 29x29 Big Homestead!

I soon got this reward: 100 XP and a Big Homestead! Good deal yeah!

You finished the Land Office and all your hard work is about to pay off!

 And you can see the lots of grasses, stones and yellow trees that suddenly appeared.

and then there is another reward, after visiting 10 neighbors:

Huge Homestead Exploration:

200 XP and 2500 coins!

You have marked some trees and are on your way to extending your homestead!

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