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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

History is meaningful

I love keeping those SMSes. Short Message Service, I believe they are called.

Especially on my HTC Magic. Everything is kept like a thread, similar to msn chat so u can scroll up to see previous messages.

Everything then becomes dated, a good chronology of events for happy or sad things that happened between you and that person.

Magic keeps a time stamp for the messages that occur during the day of of the last message received. It then displays the rest as Day stamped; you can still view the timing for the messages through other options.

As a Cancer, I like to review my communications. I often see the email I just sent, the sms that was posted out or the blog that was just published. I don't know if I am the only one who does this? The only thing I don't keep looking at are my game posts. Too many!

Well my point is, I love writing and to review my emotions at the point of writing and, yes, I hear you whispering Big Ego, reading a good paragraph of words. Something decent, without grammar errors and which is carefully crafted.

Words are created to share ideas and if you don't respect the language, how can you respect the person you converse with?

SMS often take up short forms though and I do like short forms!

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