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Saturday, January 1, 2011

FishVille - Extra XP and Double Coins (1 to 4 Jan 2011)

FishVille friends, here's your chance to increase your experience (XP) and get more coins...

At the top of the screen, FishVille shows this message:

Now, get 50% extra XP and double the coins for every fish you sell until January 4, 2011 11.59 PM PST (GMT -8).

Well if you are dying to increase your level and needs lots of coins for the (read my post on the ) Deep Sea Angler   or you just want to know what you can do in FishVille, go for it! At least, you should know that all your fishes would have been revived (for New Year 2011) and go for all the special projects:

Read my posts on buildable projects

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Bunny Houses  (Apr 2010)
Dairy Farm (Apr 2010)
Seahorse Stable (Mar 2010)
Eagle Warrior (Mar 2010)
Oyster Bed (Apr 2010)
Sandcastle (Mar 2010)

You may want to view my other FishVille posts or surf around my blog. If you like, please visit my Support page.
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