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Thursday, January 20, 2011

FarmVille - Cupid's Castle

Are you ready?

It's Valentine's Day soon, but not after Chinese New Year though (starts 3 Feb 2011)...

Get ready for Valentine's Day by building Cupid's Castle! Once complete, you'll be able to harvest it for special rewards!

Once you click 'Place Now', you will be able to place the frame. But if you are like me, always out of space in FarmVille, please go to your Gift Box, the Frame will be there for you to click 'Use'.

Otherwise, you can also buy a new one at Market, under Buildings. It costs $5 Coins for 40 days from 20 Jan 2011.

 Well, I have placed my frame and this is so cute! Pink! My favorite color! *bleah*

And you will be able to tell your neighbors that you have started on this project by doing an announcemenet:

Congrats! You've started building your Cupid's Castle! Let your friends know so they can send you building parts!

And guess what, you will need some (usual) stuff for completing the frame:

4 Wooden Boards
4 Nails
4 Bricks

Well, will show more when I have made progress :)

Read my upgrade here!

Well here are the links for my 2011 Cupid's Castle:

Curious about 2010 event? Links for the 2010 Valentines Box

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