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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FarmVille - Duckpond

Have you began your Duck Pond yet?

Build a Duck Pond today and showcase your ducks!
Then harvest your Duck Pond once a day for a chance to find a duckling!

If you click 'Place Duck Pond!' then you will be able to put the pond on an empty space on your Farm. But if you accidently click on another icon (eg: arrow or harvest icon), you can still find the Duck Pond in your Gift Box.

And you will be able to ask for help once you have placed the Duck Pond in your Farm:

Pek could use some shovels and watering cans over here for their Duck Pond. Pretty sson, they'll be able to show off all the ducks they've collected!

And of course there is the items you need to build:

20 of Watering Cans
20 of 2 Shovels

Show you pictures of mine when it is completed!

And yes, this is how my Farm looks like now.

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