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Sunday, January 23, 2011

FishVille - Oil Spill (Dylan)

Have you got yourself the cute dolphin Dylan yet? FishVille has rolled out the event for rescuing a dolphin after a major oil spill. I think it is today 23 January 2011.

There has been a major oil spill. Counting on you to look after a dolphin I rescued

Say hello to Dylan! He needs to be cleaned and fed properly. - Stan

Then Dylan appeared in my tank. So the next thing I know, I clicked on Dylan and he was cleaned... and I continued clicking till he appeared washed.

THere was a reward for this, 100 XP and 500 Coins!

Well done! Dylan can finally swim freely. Look at him go!

Then  he asked for food, which is actually Tuna Can (5 pack) for 1 feeding a day. It can be bought at the Market for $1,000 per can.

Once I bought the tuna cans they appeared in my Food section. I was too bored and just clicked many times, I think I clicked about 20 times?

After I selected the Tuna Can, there you see that Dylan keep asking for food? and he ate it and was so happy!

After eating 1 Tuna Can, I got 200 XP.

Dylan is a young dolphin. Make sure you feed him regularly

Then I got another notice that Dylan needs to play too!
Hi! I'm Stan's assistant. Dylan's looking much better. Make sure you keep him entertained. - Anya

Then I clicked on the icon on the left side of the screen (a dolphin icon actually) and I saw this sign below. The quest requires me to:

1) Buy Dylan a Beach Ball
2) Buy 5 Percular Clownfish to play with Dylan
3) Sell 5 Percular Clownfish of age 4 or above

Will post my updates later!

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  1. how to introduce dylan to discovery log? plz plz plzz sumone help.


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