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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dogs Grooming (28 Jan 2011)

Brought my darlings to grooming today. Some pictures to show you.

Click on the pictures to view the enlarged version...

Inside the shop

Back home, after grooming - Darling No 3.

Well, today is a rainy day. It rained on our way to the groomer (and I fell at the carpark when I carried my Darlings on our way to the car, my Daddy fetched me there) and it rained on our way home (after waited 45minutes for the ride in the shop)... So they were abit wet still when this pictures weretaken.

Opps, Darling No 3 "siamed' the camera...

There she is, see how fat she has become!

Another shot of her. The ears were trimmed nicely but the cheeks were not really cut.

Here's a full listing of the pictures for the grooming today (28 Jan 2011):

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