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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FrontierVille - Chapel

I am starting to build a Chapel.

It is available in the Market for $475 Coins and 100 Wood. Once you place the Chapel frame on your homestead, it gives you 12 XP.

It is actually to complete the Let's Build A Chapel event in FrontierVille.

Seems like a whole bunch of young'uns have been courtin' lately and we may soon need a place to get 'em properly married off. Better get started on the town chapel!
Need to:

1) Place Chapel on Homestead
2) Harvest 25 Squash
3) Have 25 Cloth

And after completing the frame, I was told I still needed some stuff to complete it to glory.

Finish Your Chapel
You still need: 10 Limestones, 10 Stained Glass, 10 Pews, 10 Hopes, 10 Dreams and 10 Wishes

Guys, please send me these if you play FrontierVille!

So that I can upgrade my Chapel Frame!

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