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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walk in February 2011

Took these pictures in one of my February walks.

They certainly signifies spring!

I am glad I am on track on a few things: exercising, learning and getting more organised about my life.

Started yoga and walking my Darlings further and further. They are in a better shape now (at least not round shape!) And I am also benefiting from these walks. Still drenched with sweat at these sessions but it feels really good!

Have also continued to cook more vegetables for my Darlings and they love it. Even my brother commented that all the vegetables I cook are so crisp and I told Darling No 1 my secret. Will do a post on how to cook nice crispy vegetable dish soon.

By the way. The viewer of my camera is spoilt and it will take up more battery when I take pictures Will need to get new recharge-able batteries soon.

Well enjoy the pictures!

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