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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tip: How to redeem your Facebook Credits in FarmVille

I have redeemed my FaceBook Credits in FarmVille and you should too. Or at least use it for other games if you have not. It will be expired in the next 24hours (at least for me).

So I redeemed it in FarmVille because I want to get the Unwither ring (which is unavailable now unfortunately but I am not in any hurry so I will wait for it to be appear again ;p)

This is the success page you will see when you manage to get it. Yeah I traded 10 Facebook Credit (equivalent to $1)  for 4 FarmVille Cash.

Click on the pictures to see them in normal size

So the first thing I did was to click on Get Farm Cash (top of the screen, 5th tab).
Then I selected the 4 FarmC for $1.00 USD.

Then s ask if I want to use the 10 credits (I took this screen at my 2nd redeemption. You can redeem only 10 credits each time).

4 FarmCash!
You have 10 Credits
Buy 4 FarmCash!

And I was told that I am done!

Your purchase was successful. Items are usually delivered immediately, but during periods of high traffic, it can take 3-4 hours for your purchase to appear in your account.

 And the screen turns to this:

Thank you for your order!
4 FarmCash for $1.00

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