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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FishVille - Friends for Dylan

And there is another event which is call Friends for Dylan.

It requires me to buy 3 arena tank fishes and how 1 to IQ 10!

Friends for Dylan
A dolphin is known by the company it keeps!
Buy any 3 Arena Tank Fish
Grow an arena fish to IQ 10

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  1. Well, I completed the boxfish mastery in the Fishville as Dolphin said. After doing that, there are no more goals to complete to help Dolphin. I don't know how to fix this problem. I asked someone about that and it seems I have a problem, 'cause helping Dolphin didn't end here. Do you know how to help me? I moved Dolphin in the shelter, but nothing happened.

  2. Hi Anon

    I haven't completed my Dolphin quests but I remember reading before that once you put it in shelter, it will be gone.

    Thanks for reading my blog but I don't think I can help you. Maybe you want to try to write to FishVille and see if they can help you with your game?



thQnk :)


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