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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FishVille - Reward Points for Discovery Log

Here's my reply today to Anonymous on how I got my Algae Collection completed in the Discovery Log.

HI Anonymous
I got my Algae collection by cleaning algaes, from either my own tank and also neighbors' tanks.
I haven't got any from today although they appeared frequently in the last few weeks. Normally I will have to finish cleaning all the algae in that tank before they appear (in pairs or triplets).
Haven't you got yours? I have got spare items and if you add me as a neighbor maybe I can send them to you.
The reward is the usual XP and Coins, and you get a notice that says that you have completed that set. Maybe I will do a post to show this...

Well this is my post on what it looks like when you completed one set of the collection in the Discovery Log.

Basically you just see the word 'COMPLETED' when you view the collection in the Discover Log.

Click each picture to view them in larger dimension.

So when you do a 'Trade-In', you will get to share it with your friends...

If you don't know where to click to view your Discover Log, you just need to look for the book sign that is next to the Store icon.

And this is the help from FishVille:

Welcome to the NEW Discovery Log menu. Access the Discover Log through the toolbox icon below...

And as you can see, as of today (8 Feb 2011), I have not completed the Algae collection yet. Still need more Algae Vitamins (it is shaded out in darker color, not very obvious, isn't it?)

Do send them to me if you have spares!

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Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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